About the Cabins and Rates
While each PATC cabin is unique, they all share common features. Most are in the woods. Most require a hike in. None has maid service. At all cabins, the renter must clean up when he or she leaves. Animals, including mice, snakes, ticks, wasps, and possibly a bear, may be present. All are maintained by volunteers.

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What is the difference between PATC Members’ only and public cabins?
What is the difference between primitive, semi-primitive and modern cabins?
What is at the cabin and what you should bring

Accessing Cabins - Cautions and Hazards
Cabins Accessed by Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park

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• Cabins Information Sheet with standard and advanced rental rates

What is the difference between PATC members' only and public cabins?

Public Cabins – Cabins that are located on government property, such as Shenandoah National Park, are operated and maintained by the PATC through agreements with the responsible government agency and are available for rent to the general public. Most of the public cabins are primitive. One is semi-primitive.
PATC Members' Only Cabins - Cabins on PATC-owned land are reserved for the exclusive use of the club membership. PATC members who are committed to PATC's mission of maintaining and protecting the Appalachian Trail, other hiking trails and outdoor areas share in the enjoyment, upkeep and preservation of the PATC members' only cabins.

What is the difference between primitive, semi-primitive and modern cabins?

Primitive cabins are rustic and backcountry. There is no running water and no electricity. You will need to collect and purify your drinking water. There is an outhouse. Woodstoves, fireplaces and outdoor grills are available for cooking and heating.
Semi-primitive cabins are also rustic and backcountry. These cabins vary in their amenities. For most, semi-primitive means that there is electricity which means there are lights and possibly an electric burner and/or microwave for cooking, and refrigerator. Some may have running water for kitchen use, but no shower or indoor bathroom. Typically there are woodstoves and outdoor grills for heating and cooking available.

Modern "cabins" are typically houses located either in the woods or closer to towns. Modern cabins have indoor plumbing, electricity, heating, and possibly air conditioning.

What is at the cabin and what you should bring

At the Cabin:
All cabins provide dishes, cups, silverware, and sleeping mattresses/beds for the capacity of the cabin. Kitchens have basic cooking utensils, pots, pans, bowls.

Cabin Renter Log Book
First aid kit - basic supplies. If you need special items, please bring them with you.
Fire extinguisher
Basic cleaning supplies
If there is a wood stove or fireplace - splitting maul and bow saws

Primitive Cabins:
Primitive cabins are limited to the items listed above.

Semi-Primitive Cabins:
Amenities depend on the cabin. Some semi-primitive cabins have electricity, therefore, the cabin may have lamps, refrigerator, stove, microwave. Other cabins may have water which may include water available in the kitchen and possibly an indoor bathroom. The Cabin Direction Sheet that is sent with the cabin key will include specific details on what is available.

Modern Cabins:
Amenities depend on the cabin. All modern cabins have indoor bathrooms with shower, sink and toilet. The kitchen includes stove with oven and refrigerator and freezer. Some include dishwasher, microwave, toaster oven, and coffee maker. Modern cabins will have electricity and lights. Only Dunlodge includes a clothes washer and dryer.

What you should bring:
The list of items will vary depending on the type of cabin, modern, primitive, semi-primitive, that you will stay at. In general, we recommend the following:

- Battery powered flashlight, headlamps - even for modern cabins as you may need it for nighttime arrival.
- Toilet paper, toiletries, towels
- Dish washing liquid, sponge, dish towels, trash bags
- Sleeping bags, pillows, sheets and/or blankets

Primitive and Semi-primitive cabins
- Water purifier
- Camping or backpacking stove

Accessing Cabins - Cautions and Hazards

We regret that we cannot provide refunds due to cancellations for personal emergencies or the inability to access a cabin due to hazardous road conditions or inclement weather (except for the seven cabins accessed from Skyline Drive, see below).

Renters assume the risk of traveling to and from our cabins, including hazardous driving and hiking conditions. The roads to our rural cabins are often not paved, may be rutted and can be unpredictable, especially during inclement weather. Renters should use care driving. Many situations may require a vehicle with high clearance and/or four-wheel/all-wheel drive. Occasionally access may be blocked by fallen trees, high running water, or deep snow. In such a case, parking at an alternate location and hiking in over a longer distance may be required, should you decide to continue to the cabin rather than turning back.

If you are at a rural cabin and weather conditions are deteriorating, consider leaving the cabin if you do not have sufficient supplies or are concerned about your ability to leave the cabin once conditions have deteriorated. Refunds will not be provided for early departure, but you should always consider your safety first. If you decide to stay, you are assuming the risks associated with that decision. You should not expect the PATC or any other organization to rescue you, should you become stranded.
CABINS ACCESSED BY SKYLINE DRIVE IN SHENANDOAH NATIONAL PARK (SNP): There are seven PATC Cabins normally accessed by Skyline Drive: Argow, Corbin, Doyles River, Pocosin, Range View, Rock Springs and Schairer Trail Center. The following rules apply to these seven cabins:

 - Be prepared to pay the entrance fee to Shenandoah National Park (SNP).

 - SNP may close Skyline Drive, or parts of it, due to hazardous conditions or inclement weather. If you cannot drive to the normal cabin trailhead because all or part of Skyline Drive is closed as of noon on the day of your rental, and you do not go to the cabin, you are eligible for a refund. You must submit a request for a refund to the Cabin Coordinator within 48 hours of the start of your reservation in order to remain eligible for a refund by emailing cabincoordinator@patc.net or calling (703) 242-0315, extension 108. This is the only exception to the general rule that there are no refunds within seven days of the arrival date for cancellations for any reason, including hazardous road conditions or inclement weather. 

 - Skyline Drive Entrance Gate Closures: Call SNP at 540/999-3500, option 1, option 1 for information before heading to the cabin.

 - From mid-November to mid-January (hunting season), SNP will close the entrance gates to Skyline Drive from 5:00 pm to 8:00 am. Please plan your arrival and departure accordingly.

 - If you are having difficulty exiting SNP, contact SNP's emergency number: (800) 732-0911 or (540) 999-2227.