Geographical List of PATC Cabins and Trail Centers


Inside Shenandoah National Park:

  • Range View: North District (PATC Map 9), just off the AT east of Elkwallow Wayside (operated since August 13, 1933)
  • Corbin: Central District (PATC Map 10), along the Nicholson Hollow Trail or at the end of Corbin Cabin Cutoff Trail
  • Jones Mountain: Central District (PATC Map 10), along Jones Mountain Trail (a long, difficult hike-in) 
  • Rock Spring: Central District (PATC Map 10) 
  • Pocosin: Central District (PATC Map 10) 
  • Doyles River: South District (PATC Map 11), along Doyles River Trail 


Adjoining Shenandoah National Park:


Northern Virginia / West Virginia:

  • Highacre : In the town of Harpers Ferry (PATC Map 5-6, Map 7) 
  • Blackburn Trail Center: On Appalachian Trail close to Bluemont, VA (PATC Map 7) 
  • Bears Den Cottage: On Appalachian Trail close to Bluemont, VA (PATC Map 8)
  • Myron Glaser: Near Appalachian Trail close to Paris, VA (PATC Map 8)
  • Glass House: In Fort Valley, VA (PATC Map G) 
  • Sugar Knob: In Great North Mountain (PATC Map F), a long and difficult hike-in
  • Dunlodge: near the University of Virginia Charlottesville campus