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PATC rents 40 cabins from Charlottesville, VA to Pine Grove, PA offering PATC members and the public an opportunity to enjoy the woods and mountains along the Appalachian Trail & other trails, and forests in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. They each have a rich history; from being the home of early settlers to cabins built by the club, by forest rangers or by the Civilian Conservation Corps. Some were personal family retreats that have been donated to the club by their owners/PATC members.

Each PATC cabin is unique, but please note the following: 
        • Cabins have no maid Service....the renters must clean-up when they leave                
        • Most are primitive or semi-primitive, while some are modern
         Some require PATC membership in order to rent
        • Most are in the woods
        • Most require a hike in
        • All require a reservation
Please read the Cabins & Rates FAQs 1st before renting a cabin

What are primitive, semi-primitive and modern cabins?

Primitive cabins are rustic and backcountry with an outhouse, no running water and no electricity. You will need to collect and purify your drinking water. Woodstoves, fireplaces and/or outdoor grills are available for cooking and heating.
Semi-primitive cabins are also rustic and backcountry, but most have electricity and some have running water - but no shower or indoor bathroom.  Electricity is for lights and possibly for cooking & refrigeration.  There may be running water for kitchen use. 

Modern "cabins" are typically houses located either in the woods or closer to towns. Modern cabins have indoor plumbing, electricity, heating, and possibly air conditioning

Members only vs. Public cabins
Members Only Cabins - Of the 40 cabins,  25 are for PATC members only.  PATC members who rent them are committed to our mission of maintaining and protecting the Appalachian Trail, regional trails and outdoor areas and share in the enjoyment, upkeep and preservation of the cabins. 

Public Cabins
– There are 15 cabins which are available for rent to the general public or non-members, most of which are primitive.   

Using the QuickLinks on the left you can read about the different cabins and the cabin rental policies, choose a cabin to visit, check to see if it is available, and then rent it.