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Our territory covers 240 miles of the A. T. from Central PA to Waynesboro VA & many of our members are not within the D.C. metro area.   So in the mid-1980s, Chapters were established in Pennsylvania & Charlottesville.....then Maryland was joined with the Pennsylvania Chapter creating North......West Chapter was added & finally Northern Shenandoah Valley & Southern Shenandoah Valley.

The PATC membership includes all the Chapters & their activities.....there is no Chapter membership fee.   The Chapters exist to organize activities outside the DC metro area.   You can associate a Chapter within your PATC membership by choosing Interests under My Account. 

Chapters may schedule hikes as well as trail maintenance worktrips.   During worktrips, they maintain trail tread, clear vegetation from trails, remove invasive species, branches, and fallen trees up to about 8” in diameter with handsaws,  maintain trail blazes,  clear water bars (structures which run water off the trail), and pick up litter and trash. Basic trail maintenance may also include assistance provided by certified chainsaw operators to clear trees of larger than 8” diameter.  

Occasionally there is a need for major reconstruction and improvement of existing trail tread (such as the elimination of trail creep over an extended length of trail, reducing grade on deeply rutted trail sections), putting new water bars and check dams in existing tread, extensive clearing of vegetation, clearing of large rocks from trails, organized extensive clearing of blow downs by trail crew, building bridges for stream crossings or shelter/cabin maintenance or construction.

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Special Interest Groups

In addition to hiking & preserving our trails, PATC has 3 Special Interest Groups which are: 

    Shenandoah Mountain Rescue Group

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