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North Chapter
The North Chapter of PATC, founded in 1985 as the 1st regional PATC Chapter, is meant to serve those living in Maryland or Pennsylvania & is responsible for the northernmost portion of PATC territory…..the Appalachian Trail and side-trails from Harper’s Ferry thru Maryland to Pine Grove Furnace in Central Pennsylvania, as well as the Tuscarora Trail.  Organized hikes are not currently scheduled in this chapter.

This Chapter maintains over 240 miles of trails & have 2 Trail Maintenance Crews:
        Maryland:         Trail worktrips are generally held on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays & usually meet in Myersville, MD 
        Pennsylvania:   Trail worktrips are generally held on the AT on the 1st Saturday and the Tuscarora on 3rd Saturday
More Info:  Visit PATC North to join their newsletter & for more detailed info
                        MD Worktrips:   contact Leonard Keifer (mdtrail@yahoo.com)
                        PA  Worktrips:   contact Pete Brown or Dewey Clark (yankeeclippers@patc.net)

West Chapter
The West Chapter is meant to serve those residents who live in the area bounded by Frederick, MD/Leesburg, VA west to Hancock, MD/Berkley Springs, WV. However, anyone regardless of where they reside may request to join the West Chapter’s yahoo group (https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/PATCWest/info). The group is open to anyone interested in West Chapter events but only current PATC members may post messages to the group. Those requesting to join the PATCWest yahoo group need to provide their full name, city & state of residence (street address not required), PATC membership status, and whether they are an overseer or club officer. PATCWest yahoo group members will receive automatic e-mail reminders of upcoming West Chapter events.
The West Chapter does not collect any dues in addition to PATC dues. Trail work trips and hikes are scheduled from March through December. The West Chapter may hold other events such as canoe trips or cross country ski trips, in season. The West Chapter maintains the blue-blazed Northern Peaks Trail at Sugarloaf Mountain (Dickerson, MD). Many West Chapter members are trail, shelter, or cabin overseers in the northern and western geographic areas under PATC jurisdiction.
West Chapter events are listed in the Potomac Appalachian Forecast and on the West Chapter’s yahoo group site. Refer to the PATC online calendar or the PATCWest yahoo group for the most up to date West Chapter events.
For further information regarding the West Chapter contact Chapter President Dave Jordahl (westpatc@hotmail.com).

Northern Shenandoah Valley Chapter
The NSVC Chapter is now in the process of reorganizing.   
More Info: Contact Interim Chapter President Brian Heflin at pres.nsvc@patc.net.

Southern Shenandoah Valley Chapter   The Southern Shenandoah Valley Chapter is meant to serve those living in the Harrisonburg-Staunton-Waynesboro area of VIrginia & is responsible for the Appalachian Trail in the Southern Section of Shenandoah National Park as well as trails in the George Washington National Forest.

The group hosts regularly scheduled hikes & trail maintenance work crews.  For descriptions of hikes and work trips, go to www.ssvc.org or www.patc.net.  Contact the listed hikeleader for information about a specific event, or contact David Bennick, dbennick@verizon.net or 540/337-5330 or Mike Smith, foresmiths@comcast.net or 540/298-1913
More Info:  Visit  SSVC Chapter for more info on Hikes & Worktrip schedules 

Charlottesville Chapter
The Charlottesville Chapter of PATC, founded in 1986, is meant to serve those living in the Charlottesville area & is responsible for the southernmost portion of PATC territory…..the Appalachian Trail & side-trails from Rockfish Gap to McCormick Gap. 

The group hosts hikes every Saturday; summer, winter and in between, usually in  Shenandoah National Park, George Washington National Forest, along Skyline Drive, the Blue Ridge Parkway, or in other regional areas. Hikes are usually 8 to 10 miles with some shorter hikes.   Meetup is at 9 o'clock every Saturday morning in the parking lot in front of Albemarle High School, 2775 Hydraulic Road, Charlottesville, Virginia.   Bring food & water for the day. Monthly trail maintenance hikes are usually the last Saturday & are dedicated to maintaining the trail.
More Info: Visit PATC Charlottesville  for a Hike Schedule & detail contact info.