Potomac Appalachian Trail Club 
118 Park Street, S.E.
Vienna, VA  22180-4609
(703) 242-0315 (Voice), (703) 242-0968 (Fax)

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Cabin and Customer Service Desk

Most cabin reservations can be made online at any time.
Cabins can also be rented by calling or visiting our Headquarters (703/242-0315, 118 Park Street SE, Vienna, VA 22180) between 11:30am and 1:30pm, Monday - Friday or between 6:00 pm and 8:00pm Wednesday only (starting September 14, 2016).


 Staff Director
  Brewster Thackeray
  703/242-0315, x-105
  email the Staff Director
 Trails Management Coordinator
  Heidi Forrest
  703/242-0315, x-107   email the Trails Coordinator
 Cabin Coordinator
  Anne Corwith
  703/242-0315, x-108
  email the Cabin Coordinator
 Sales Coordinator
  Diane Yang   703/242-0315, x-103
  email the Sales Coordinator
 Finance Coordinator
 Mona Filchock  703/242-0315, x-106  email the Finance Coordinator
 Membership and IT Coordinator
  Kit Sheffield
  703/242-0315, x-109
  email the Membership and IT Coordinator
 Bears Den Trail Center Manager    Glen Breining   540/554-8708   Info@Bearsdencenter.org

Potomac Appalachian Newsletter

 Rachel Levin
 Co-editor  Dan Pulskamp  
 Forecast Editor
 Jack Bowie
 Co-Forecast Editor 
 Dan Varela
 Layout Designer
 Tara Jones-Oxenrider 
 Co-Layout Designer   Jill Rivetti 

Web Site Help

 Tech Support Volunteer  
  Lee Manning  
  703/560-0960 (home)
  703/209-4856 (cell)

Club Officers
 President   Richard Hostelley  President@patc.net 
 Vice President - Operations  John Hedrick  Operations@patc.net
 Vice President - Volunteerism  Janis Stone
 Supervisor of Trails  Wayne Limberg   TrailsSupervisor@patc.net
 Supervisor of Lands  Ric Francke  LandsSupervisor@patc.net
 Supervisor of Marketing  Emeline Otey  Marketing@patc.net
 Supervisor of Facilities  Mel Merritt  Facilities@patc.net
 Supervisor of Membership  Steve McLaughlin
 Supervisor of Activities  Rush Williamson  Activities@patc.net
 Supervisor of Communications  Alan Day  Communications@patc.net
 Treasurer  Joe Lombardo  Treasurer@patc.net
 Secretary  Kirsten Elowsky
 General Counsel  VACANT  GeneralCounsel@patc.net

 ATC Mid-Atlantic Regional Partnership   Pete Brown  D_Penn@patc.net
 A.T. Corridor Management  Thom Lupp  Corridor@patc.net
 Bears Den Center  Dick Hostelley  drdick@embarqmail.com 
 Blackburn Trail Center  Lynn Olson  BlackburnCenter@patc.net
 Cabins Operations  Mel Merritt  CabinMaintenance@patc.net
 Cabins Construction and Major Repairs   VACANT
 Conservation  Liles Creighton  Conservation@patc.net
 Endowment  Charlie Balch  Endowment@patc.net
 Grants and Donations  VACANT  Grants@patc.net
 Hikes  Kyle Wakayama  Hikes@patc.net
 IT Committee  Lee Manning  IT@patc.net
 Land Management  VACANT
 Maps  Brian Goudreau  Maps@patc.net
 Maryland A.T. Management  Thom Lupp and Rick Canter (co-chairs)   Corridor@patc.net
 Naturalist  Dewey Clark  Naturalist@patc.net
 Public Affairs  Jim Fetig
 Publications  Emeline Otey  Publications@patc.net
 Shelters  Henry Horn  Shelters@patc.net
 Trail Land Acquisition  Phil Paschall  Phil.Paschall@gmail.com
 Trail Patrol  Chris Firme  TrailPatrol@patc.net
 Tuscarora Trail  VACANT  TuscaroraTrail@patc.net
 Archives and Library  Tom Johnson  Archives@patc.net
 Cabins Reservation Volunteer Coordinator    Steve McLaughlin  gr8swim@aol.com
 Customer Service Desks  Bill Ryan  SalesDesk@patc.net

 Charlottesville Chapter  Iva Gillet  charchapter@patc.net 
 North Chapter  Jim Peterson  NorthChapter@patc.net
 Northern Shenandoah Valley Chapter  Brian Heflin  NSVChapter@patc.net
 Southern Shenandoah Valley Chapter   David Bennick   SSVChapter@patc.net
 West Chapter  Dave Jordahl  westpatc@hotmail.com

Special Activities:
 Mountaineering  Andew Weinmann  Mountaineering@patc.net 
 Shenandoah Mountain Rescue Group   Patraic Hughes
 Ski Touring Section  Robert Swennes   Ski@patc.net