Richard Stromberg's "What is that Flower?"

Richard Stromberg's "What is that Flower?" column began appearing in the Potomac Appalachian in January of 2012.  

Each month, Richard describes some of the flowers you might see on the region's trails, along with tips on where to look for them.

Below is an index to these columns. Click on the publishing date to open the newsletter in which the article was published. 

 Month Published        Topic 
 Jun 2016    Heal-all, wild basil, American germander, bugleweed
 May 2016    Skullcaps
 Apr 2016    Lyreleaf sage, motherword, basil balm, wild bergamot, bee balm
 Mar 2016    Henbit, purple dead-nettle, Gill-over-the-ground
 Feb 2016    Pennyroyal, introduction to the Mint family
 Jan 2016    Azaleas, rhododendrons, mountain laurel
 Dec 2015    Striped wintergreen, pipsissewa, trailing arbutus, teaberry, huckleberries, blueberries, deerberry, maleberry
 Nov 2015        Indian pipe, pinesap, sweet pinesap, round-leaved pyrola
 Oct 2015    Greenbriers, Indian cucumber-root, Jack-in-the-pulpit, wild yam
 Sep 2015    Trilliums, Solomons seal, false Solomons seal, Turks-cap lily, yellow clintonia, blackberry lily
 Aug 2015    Blackberry lily, wood lily, Canada lily, Turk's-cap lily, tiger lily, false hellebore, broadleaf bunchflower, featherbells, Asiatic dayflower, nodding wild onion, ramps
 Jul 2015    Greenbriers, Indian cucumber-root, fly poison, turkeybeard, day lily
 Jun 2015    Yellow stargrass, blue-eyed grass, spiderwort, yellow clintonia, white clintonia, wild yam
 May 2015    Solomons seal, hairy Solomons seal, false Solomons seal, starry false Solomons seal, Canada mayflower
 Apr 2015    Skunk cabbage, Jack-in-the-pulpit, dwarf iris, bellworts, trilliums
 Mar 2015    Overview of grasses, sedges and rushes; Pennsylvania Sedge, Japanese stilt grass, wavyleaf basketgrass, switchgrass, big bluestem
 Feb 2015    Taking a month off from plants, Richard's February article was on steep trails in our area
 Jan 2015    Lopseed, winged monkeyflower, Allegheny monkeyflower, princess tree, blue vervain, narrow-leaved vervain, fogfruit
 Dec 2014    American plantain, common plantain, turtle head, butter-and-eggs, beardtongues, speedwells
 Nov 2014    Squawroot, beechdrops, one-flowered cancer root, wood betony, yellow false foxglove, downy false foxglove, cow-wheat
 Oct 2014    Ashes, fringetree, privet, trumpet-creeper, catalpa, common wild-petunia, figworts mulleins
 Sep 2014    Smartweed family
 Aug 2014    Strawberries, cherries, blackberries, raspberries, hawthorn, roses, ninebark, black chokeberry, mountain ash
 Jul 2014    Agrimony, white avens, purple-flowering raspberry, meadowsweets, dwarf spiraea, three-toothed cinquefoil
 Jun 2014    Roses, cinquefoils, goatsbeard, ninebark, mountain ash
 May 2014    Cherries, hawthorns, chokeberries, blackberries, raspberries, dewberry, wineberry, multiflora rose, bowman's root, common cinquefoil
 Apr 2014    Serviceberries, common apple, crabapples, wild strawberry, dwarf cinquefoil, Indian strawberry, jetbead
 Mar 2014    Introduction to the rose family
 Feb 2014    Fragrant sumac, winged sumac, smooth sumac, staghorn sumac, poison sumac, poison ivy, Atlantic poison oak, western poison ivy, tree-of-heaven
 Jan 2014    A 'Floristic" view of the Great Smokies at the ATC Conference
 Dec 2013    Asters of the genus Symphyotrichum
 Nov 2013    Whorled aster, stiff aster, cornleaf aster, flat-top aster, white wood aster, large-leaved aster, Schreber's aster
 Oct 2013    Goldenrods
 Sep 2013    Sweet everlasting, horseweed, gallant soldier, shaggy soldier, tickseed sunflower, devil's beggar-ticks, Spanish needles, wingstem, yellow crownbeard, sneezeweed, Maryland golden aster
 Aug 2013    Burdock, ironweeds, elephant's-foot, blazing stars, pilewort, ragweeds, bonesets, Joe-Pye weeds, white snakeroot, mistflower, leafcups, chicory, lettuces, rattlesnake roots, sunflowers
 Jul 2013    Yarrow, Queen Anne's lace, pale Indian plantain, spotted knapweek, white-topped asters, coreopsis, coneflowers
 June 2013    Oxeye daisy, goatsbeards, panicled hawkweed, nipplewort
 May 2013    Green-and-gold, fleabanes, hawkweeds, dwarf dandelion
 Apr 2013    Pussytoes, ragworts
 Mar 2013    Coltsfoot, common dandelion, rock dandelion
 Feb 2013    Asters and Sunflowers
 Jan 2013     No article
 Dec 2012     No article
 Nov 2012    Burs and other seed dispersal strategies
 Oct 2012    Witch hazel, sweet gum (in fruit)
 Sep 2012    Ladies tresses
 Aug 2012    Summer coralroot, autumn coralroot, yellow fringed orchid, small green wood orchid.
 Jul 2012    Cranefly orchid, purple fringeless orchid, ragged fringed orchid, downy rattlesnake plantain
 Jun 2012    Round-leaf orchid, greater purple fringed orchid, lesser purple fringed orchid, large twayblade
 May 2012    Pink lady's slipper, puttyroot, large whorled pogonia, green frog orchid
 Apr 2012    No article
 Mar 2012    Spring coralroot, yellow lady's slipper, showy orchis
 Feb 2012    Violets (multiple species)
 Jan 2012    Puttyroot, cranefly orchid, downy rattlesnake plantain (all in leaf)