Trail Work Crews

PATC sponsors a number of trail crews.  Most of the crews work in a specific regional trail district, but some (the Cadillac Crew and the Acme Treadway Company) are "roaming" crews.  Crews tackle large trail tasks, such as building new tread, and major rehab projects.  

All PATC trail crews welcome new members.  Monthly work trips are posted on the on-line calendar on this site, along with contact information. Working with a PATC trail crew is a great way to meet new friends and learn new skills.  New trail maintainers are especially encouraged to work with a crew.  

Use the menu at right to find out more about the various crews.  Several crews host their own website which are linked to the crew articles.

Summer Crews

Additionally, each year PATC sponsors week-long summer work crews.  Three weeks are coordinated with the National Park Service and are scheduled in Shenandoah National Park.  One week is coordinated with the USDA National Forest Service and take place in the George Washington National Forest.  Volunteers learn trail skills from the professionals in the Parks and Forests, and spend the week enjoying the comradery of other crew members.  All meals and accommodations are covered by the PATC and its partners.

John Howard has worked every week of the Massarock Crew for the last 26 years!

The schedule for 2016

Massarock Trail Crew

Sep 20-25 [Tuesday through Sunday]

Shenandoah Trail Crew

North District                   May 23-27
Central District                July 10-15
North District                   Aug 14-19

The application for 2016

Application (pdf version)
(Adobe PDF File)