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    Our Mission

The Potomac Appalachian Trail Club, through volunteer efforts, education and advocacy, maintains and protects the Appalachian Trail and nearby lands as well as acquiring and maintaining other trails and related facilities in the Mid-Atlantic region for the enjoyment of present and future hikers. 

    Our Vision

PATC is a leader in providing a dynamic outdoor experience for a diverse community of trail users and creating opportunities for all people to contribute to sustaining the outdoor environment through volunteer engagement and nature appreciation. 

    Our Strategic Plan

In 2015, the PATC Strategic Planning Committee (SPC), with the guided and facilitated assistance of Adelstein Consulting and Strategic Navigation, embarked on a strategic planning process to identify the long range goals of the Club and develop a three-year roadmap.

This initiative was undertaken to ensure that the Club consistently adapts to the changing societal environment, responds to the needs of its membership and continues to achieve its mission to protect, for future generations, the Appalachian Trail and other trails that are part of the PATC network.

Based on the work during four planning sessions and feedback from the membership survey, the SPC developed a Strategic Plan which proposes a revision to the Club's mission and establishes a shared vision, goals and objectives in the following four focus areas: Funding, Leadership, Communications and Partnerships.

The Strategic Plan was approved by Council at the October, 2015 Council Meeting.

Please read our Strategic Plan.