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PATC is a 501c3 non-profit run by a Council of volunteers from within our 7000+  members that support us through membership or donations. 
In any given year around 2,000 people volunteer for PATC activities….doing work on trails, build cabins, repair shelters, write guide books, make maps, staff our volunteer desks, lead hikes, write computer programs, edit the newsletter, do legal work, and a wide variety of other tasks. We have just about any activity that could occur in a town of 7,000 people.  

As a non-profit, PATC is operated almost 100% by volunteers with a small staff of full & part-time employees.  Our governance structure is:  

PATC is led by a Council of 42 volunteers who are the Officers & Committee Chairpersons and meet monthly. This is our ‘board of directors’ or governing body, responsible for major and long-range decisions.  There may be interim Committees created at times to address specific PATC issues who are non-voting Council members.    
Executive Committee
This is a subgroup of Council which includes the Elected Officers & Appointed Members.  The Executive Committee is responsible for executing the policies of Council & meets monthly.   Each serves a 2-year term & may be re-elected for multiple terms.    Members are: 

• President
• Vice President for Operations
• Vice President for Volunteerism
• Treasurer
• Secretary
• Supervisor of Facilities
• Supervisor of Trails 
• Supervisor of Lands
• Supervisor of Membership
• Supervisor of Activities
• Supervisor of Marketing
• Supervisor of Communications
• General Counsel
• Staff Director 

PATC has a small staff of full-time and/or part-time paid employees: 
  • Staff Director
  • Trails Coordinator
  • Sales Coordinator
  • Cabins Coordinator
     • Finance Coordinator
     • Bears Den Manager
     • IT Coordinator
     • Website Coordinator
There may also be a few seasonal workers during summer months to staff a trail center or serve as ridgerunners. 

Our PATC DIRECTORY lists all contact info for the PATC HQ office, Executive Committee, Committee Chairpersons, Chapters & other volunteer groups. 
Annual Meeting
The general membership meeting is held each year in November on a date designated by Council. At this dinner meeting the twelve officers are elected in even numbered years, and take office the first day of the following year.

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